Java Software Development

Java Software Development

Maximize choice and minimize risk;

"Develop scalable services for mobile, desktop, web applications"

•          Java EE

•          Java SE, SE Advanced and Suite

•          Oracle Fusion Middleware (SOA Suite, BPEL, OSB, Weblogic)

•          OUAF: Oracle Utilities Application Framework, CC&B, MDM

•          Java ME SDK

•          Java Cloud Service

•          Hibernate

•          Spring

•          Java Server Faces (JSF)

•          Java Persistence API (JPA)

•          Tomcat/TomEE

•          EJB, REST, JASS

  Java software development technology is inevitable by developing state-of-art applications due to its unique adaptability, effectiveness and cross-platform compatibility, and  it can’t be replaced by any other technology.

   Because of its flexibility, Java software development technology provides developers with a chance to merge applications and services in order to develop highly effective applications and services.

   Java software development technology is a perfect tool for network development, because it is well-adaptable, effective, compatible with different platforms and very safe. Java software development technology is utilized almost everywhere: from mini devices as smart phones to big data processing centers!

WORA (Write Once Run Anywhere), 

   Platform freedom is one of the primary advantages of Java. In another words, java is convenient because the same java system can be implemented in several systems without making any changes in the resource system code. You just need to write the java system code for one platform and the same system will run in any systems.


   For platform ubiquity, ease of development, scalability and maintainability, Java becomes an obvious choice as a programming language. With its emphasis on security, robustness, database awareness and scalability, use of J2EE environment immensely helps by lessening the complexity and providing a solid enterprise platform. Our specific expertise in the Java ecosystem includes;


* We also provide Oracle Fusion Middleware (SOA Suite, BPEL, OSB, Weblogic) Administration and OUAF (Oracle Utilities Application Framework, CC&B, MDM) Administration support and implementation.